Episode 11 - Working Together for a Better Workflow

This episode's guests: Dr. Mark Lloyd

This episode we are talking with Dr. Mark Lloyd, the founder of Inspirata, who had a vision of developing and delivering innovative solutions to transform the cancer experience for doctors and patients.

One of the buzz words associated with digital pathology is of course workflows. In this episode of Digital Pathology Today, we will examine the components and considerations of workflows that a pathology group has to consider before implementing a digital pathology system. We will discuss interoperability and how pathology groups and hospital systems can maximize their investment and future proof the investment to protect against downside along the way.


More About Dr. Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd, MSM, PhD; Founder and Executive Vice President at Inspirata

Mark founded Inspirata with the vision of developing and delivering innovative solutions to transform the cancer experience for patients. He is focused on improving patient outcomes by providing optimal information to the physicians who interact with patients in a timely and accurate way. Mark leverages his multidisciplinary expertise and collaborative approach to tumor biology, digital pathology and cancer informatics in an effort to create a global impact.

Previously, Mark was the Core Staff Scientist at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, where he directed the Analytic Microscopy Core facility for 12 years. He oversaw the growth of this laboratory into one of the most well-equipped, staffed and respected core labs in the U.S.

Mark is the Principle Investigator for multiple peer-reviewed, grant-funded projects in the digital pathology, artificial intelligence and image analysis fields. A prolific researcher who has authored over 120 publications, he holds three patents and has more than a dozen patent applications pending. A recipient of the Center for Excellence Award from the Lombardi Cancer Center at Georgetown University, Mark received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago and holds an MBA in Management.