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Season 3, Episode 2

The Learning Unit

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guest is Dr. Brandon Suh, MD, CEO of Lunit

Conquering cancer through Artificial Intelligence is the goal of our guest this week on Digital Pathology Today. We're talking with Brandon Suh, MD, CEO of Lunit, a South Korean company creating applications utilizing Artificial Intelligence for both digital pathology as well as radiology.

Lunit stands for “learning unit,” which is fundamental to the company's philosophy which embodies the belief that they can learn just about anything and is foundational to Artificial Intelligence, which involves continuous learning.

The company has developed algorithms focusing on disease screening in the areas of mammography and chest X-ray in radiology and predictive and prognostic markers in digital pathology - in particular an AI based algorithm for immunotherapy, which outperforms the current standard of care.

Lunit is looking to capitalize on the growing trend of artificial intelligence in medicine and is also capitalizing on another trend by developing a unique partnership in the liquid biopsy space as well.

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