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Season 2, Episode 1 - Digital Democracy, Slide Sharing and Social Media

This episode we are talking with Dr. Jonhan Ho, the Director of the Dermatopathology Division and the Fellowship Director at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Founder of KiKo, Knowledge in Knowledge out.

One of the missing links in this digital transformation has been robust platforms for pathologists to interact with one another to share images and cases.

KIKO, which stands for “knowledge in, knowledge out” is a slide hosting and sharing platform with many uses, including education, case and other content sharing, the ability to consult with colleagues, and even storing your own cases for later retrieval.

Sites like KIKO help to democratize pathology and knowledge, which has been one of the key themes of this digital transformation. It also serves to enhance the careers of individual pathologists.

Dr. Jonhan Ho is the Director of the Dermatopathology Division and the Fellowship Director at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Throughout his career, he has trained hundreds of pathology and dermatology residents, and dermatopathology fellows. Having experienced the joy of teaching but also the frustrations of institutional silos, he founded KiKo, to democratize medical training and teaching in an easy-to-use platform. His hope is that through KiKo, doctors can begin to take back medical knowledge instantly and privately in order to make each other better.

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