Episode 13 - Meet Your New Microscope?

This episode's guests: Dr. Jacob Abel

This episode we are talking with Jacob Abel of University of Michigan whose primary interest is the selection, assessment, and calibration of displays (monitors) in digital pathology.

As we move toward full scale adoption of digital pathology, it has been said that the computer monitor is going to replace the microscope. If true, that could make the display or monitor one of the most important pieces of equipment. This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ we will focus on monitors and displays, the different levels and grades (consumer vs. medical), how displays are evaluated, the pixel pathway, and the FDA role.


More About Dr. Jacob Abel

Jacob Abel, a clinical lecturer and fellow in Pathology Informatics and Molecular Genetic Pathology at the University of Michigan.

Jacob Abel's clinical and research interests in digital pathology include the selection, assessment, and calibration of displays (monitors), image analysis, telepathology, and WSI system validation. Other areas of interest in informatics include the development, management, and optimization of next-generation sequencing workflows for molecular oncology as well as the real-time monitoring and presentation of LIS data for the clinical laboratory.