Episode 2 - The Evolving Role Of Digital Pathology in Personalized Medicine

This episode's guest: Dr. Anthony Magliocco

Our guest this episode is Dr. Anthony Magliocco of Protean biodiagnostics. Dr. Magliocco has had a career spanning over 30 years and is an internationally recognized expert in developing and deploying advanced diagnostics to help cancer patients. Prior to founding Protean Bio diagnostics, Dr. Magliocco was chair of Pathology and executive director of esoteric laboratory services at Moffitt Cancer Center. In addition, he served as scientific director of Moffit Cancer Center tissue core and founded a new fellowship in molecular diagnostics as well as digital image analysis. Dr. Magliocco has published over 200 manuscripts, which have been cited over times 10,000 times in the scientific literature.

We're going to be talking about the evolving role of the pathologist in the setting of personalized medicine.

What has pathology, as a field, done well, in terms of providing tools and solutions to assist clinicians and patients in individualizing treatment options? What opportunities are there for change or improvement amidst, the massive growth and opportunity in the field of personalized medicine.

Will our expanding capabilities in image analysis and the promise of artificial intelligence enable us to create new and powerful tools to diagnose disease and guide therapy?

Have we finally turned the corner in incorporating diagnostics two large prospective randomized trials which will allow us to develop and validate powerful tools to refine our prognostic and predictive capabilities?

Does image analysis and the ability to Multiplex open up a whole new world of possibilities to create more powerful tools than we ever imagined? and what does the future hold?

Let’s find out with Dr. Anthony Magliocco on Digital Pathology Today.


More About Dr. Anthony Magliocco

Dr. Anthony M. Magliocco, MD FRCPC FCAP - President and CEO of Protean BioDiagnostics, Professor of Pathology and Oncology

Dr. Anthony Magliocco is an internationally recognized cancer expert with over 30 years experience in creating and deploying advanced diagnostics to help cancer patients. Trained in Canada and the United States, he has worked tirelessly on the goal of improving cancer patients access to quality diagnostics.

Dr Magliocco was Chair of Pathology at Moffitt Cancer Center, and Executive Director of Esoteric Laboratory Services between 2011 and 2019. During his time at Moffitt Cancer Center he founded new fellowships in Molecular Diagnostics, and Digital Image Analysis and oversaw the deployment of many new advanced diagnostic assays into routine use. He was Chair of Pathology for the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group for many years and had extensive involvement with the design and implementation of numerous practice changing clinical trials.

Dr Magliocco also has a long and distinguished research career publishing over 200 manuscripts with more than 10,000 citations his contributions, and registering multiple patents. His experience in improving cancer diagnostics are well recognized. The majority of his work focuses on creating new diagnostic approaches for cancer patients with a goal to improve the accuracy and efficiency of treatments.

Most recently Dr Magliocco has recognized growing disparities in cancer patients ability to access high quality advanced diagnostic technology necessary for providing the accurate and necessary information that oncologists need to accurately treat patients with the latest generation of personalized cancer therapies. Dr Magliocco’s vision is to close the accessibility gap and make life saving advanced diagnostic services widely available to cancer patients and cancer treatment teams wherever they live and practice. He and his team have founded Protean BioDiagnostics to further this dream. Protean has created a unique Oncology MAPS™ precision oncology system to support the delivery of precision medicine to community centers and underserviced patients. The system includes not only the best in laboratory testing which is continuously updated, but also knowledge and data support systems to make testing utilization easy and efficient for the busy oncologist and the data portable for patients. Protean is focused on transforming laboratory diagnostics with advanced technology and already has a 100% digital pathology foundation.

Visit www.proteanbiodx.com to learn more


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