Episode 27 - Image Search & Digitizing the Joint Pathology Center Archive

This episode's guests: Patrick Myles

This episode we are talking with Patrick Myles, the CEO of Huron Digital Pathology.

With such large collections of data and images becoming available in digital pathology, searching these files is becoming more important. This episode we will discuss searching images within digital pathology. We will talk about slide indexing in handling large image databases and how these new searches will open the door to democratizing digital pathology. We will examine at how image searching will be used in new drug discovery, clinical use, and research applications.

We will also look at the new project to digitize the Joint Pathology Center's archive of glass slides.


More About Patrick Myles

Patrick Myles, CEO, Huron Digital Pathology.

Patrick Myles is the CEO of Huron Digital Pathology, a Canadian scanner hardware and software company pioneering AI-enabled image search to connect pathologists to the vast knowledge contained in the world’s pathology reports. Prior to joining Huron, Patrick spent 18 years at Teledyne DALSA, most recently as Vice President of Business Development. He is board member of the Digital Pathology Association.