Episode 30 - Partnership to Deploy AI in Cancer Diagnostics


This episode's guests: Felix Faber and Lisa-Jean Clifford

This episode of Digital Pathology Today we speak with Felix Faber of MindPeak and Lisa-Jean Clifford of Gestalt.

With the recently announced partnership between Gestalt, MindPeak, and Leica for the implementation of digital pathology for Bioreference Lab, we will talk about this real world use of artificial intelligence and algorithms. We discuss how this collaboration will increase workflow efficiency and accuracy for pathologists. We will examine their AI integration for remote breast cancer diagnostics and the algorithms they will be utilizing.


More About Lisa-Jean Clifford

Lisa-Jean Clifford, COO & Chief Strategy Officer of Gestalt Diagnostics

Ms. Clifford is currently the COO & Chief Strategy Officer of Gestalt Diagnostics and has over twenty years of experience in high-tech industries with over 15 of them specifically in laboratory high-tech.

Her experience includes business, product and organizational strategy development and execution, general business administration and operations, marketing, business development, digital pathology and product management.

She has worked in key marketing and business development roles at leading healthcare solution vendors including McKesson and IDX (GE Healthcare), past positions also include Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at International Data Group (IDG) and eBusiness Technologies. Ms. Clifford is an industry expert who is widely published in business and industry trade publications; has authored a book on XML; and has presented educational and thought leadership sessions at healthcare industry conferences.

Her most recent role was CEO at Psyche Systems Corporation, a leading LIS solution and services provider, a business that she led for over ten years prior to joining Gestalt Diagnostics.

More About Felix Faber

Felix Faber, Founder and CEO, MindPeak

Felix Faber is an entrepreneur and computer scientist. In 2008 he founded the online games company Bytro Labs, which merged with Stillfront Group in 2013 and went public in 2015 (current market capitalization USD 3 billion).

He spent several months in Silicon Valley with the German Accelerator. He won two world championships in robot soccer with the University of Freiburg.

In 2018, he founded the startup MindPeak with Dr. Tobias Lang. MindPeak develops image recognition software for cancer cell analysis using artificial intelligence and within a few years has risen to become one of the leading companies in the field of using AI for cancer diagnostics. Artificial intelligence and deep learning greatly simplify the daily work of pathologists and significantly increase the accuracy of results through collaboration between humans and AI. MindPeak's mission is to make microscopic and pathological analysis accessible to many more people than ever before.