Episode 32 - Digital Pathology and the use of 3D Imaging, Multiplexing and Organoids

This episode's guests: Michael Johnson

This episode we are talking with Dr. Michael Johnson the CEO and Co-Founder of Visikol.

We discuss 3D imaging in digital pathology. We look at the current and future uses of 3D imaging. We talk about the current state of the art in multiplexing particularly for clinical use. We discover more about organoids, what they are and how they will play a part in research and what Visikol has in store for the future.


More About Michael Johnson

Dr. Michael Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder, Visikol

Dr. Michael Johnson is a 2017 and 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree and the CEO and Co-Founder of Visikol which is a biotech company that spun out of Rutgers University in 2016 and is focused on advanced imaging, digital pathology and 3D cell culture. Michael founded the company along with his fellow PhD candidate Thomas Villani and colleague Nick Crider. Michael has a diverse background with experiences in both the technical and business considerations of running a biotech business. Following his undergraduate degree in biology at Muhlenberg College, Michael spent three years in various roles at Johnson & Johnson while concurrently pursuing a PhD in applied microbiology at Rutgers University. Michael’s research background has focused on a wide-range of projects from remote sensing research with NASA to building light sheet microscopes and producing biofuels. Prior to launching Visikol, Michael worked on several other biotech-based entrepreneurial pursuits and is very passionate about translating cutting edge research into life-changing commercial technologies. At Visikol, Michael is responsible for the company's overall strategy as well as its business development and operational efforts.