Episode 34 - New WSI Guidelines


This episode's guests: Dr. Andrew Evans and Nicole Thomas

This episode we are speaking with Dr. Andrew Evans of Mackenzie Health and Nicole Thomas of the College of American Pathologists.

With the recent release of the new guidelines from the College of American Pathologists (CAP) for Whole Slide Imaging (WSI), we talk with part of the team that was instrumental in creating these new guidelines. Since the original guidelines were published in 2013, much has changed in the world of digital pathology. These new guidelines were developed by an expert panel of pathologists, histotechnologists, and a methodologist to provide recommendations for validating WSI systems used for diagnostic purposes.


More About Dr. Andrew Evans

Dr. Andrew Evans, Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine at Mackenzie Health (MH)

Dr. Andrew Evans is the Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine at Mackenzie Health (MH), a large community hospital in North Toronto that is currently transitioning to complete reporting by digital pathology. Prior to moving to MH in 2020, he was the director of digital pathology at University Health Network (UHN) from the inception of the program in 2004. UHN successfully implemented whole slide imaging (WSI) for frozen sections, consultation and primary diagnosis at various partner sites. For the past 10 years, he has been extensively involved in the development of guidelines and best practice documents for digital pathology through his work with the College of American Pathologists (CAP). He currently chairs the CAP Digital and Computational Pathology Committee and WSI Validation Guideline expert panel.

More About Nicole Thomas

Nicole E. Thomas, Director, Pathology and Laboratory Quality Center for Evidence-Based Guidelines, College of American Pathologists

Nicole E. Thomas is the Director of the College of American Pathologist Pathology and Laboratory Quality Center for Evidence-Based Guidelines where she provides strategic leadership and oversight of the guideline department. She received her Bachelor’s in Biology from Kentucky State University and completed her cytotechnology training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. A Chicago native, she worked as a cytotechnologist while completing her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and joined the CAP in 2009. Nicole has led more than seven expert panels and several medical professional societies through the process of developing evidence-based guidelines to advance the specialty of pathology and laboratory medicine. In her spare time, Nicole is a songwriter and enjoys listening to Ella Fitzgerald.