Season 2, Episode 14

Digital Pathology in a Large Hospital System Covering a Vast Geography

This episode's guest:

Hannah Gilmore , MD

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guest is Hannah Gilmore , MD - Chief, Division of Anatomic Pathology University Hospitals Case Medical Center

In addition to interpreting patient biopsies and signing out cases, pathologists perform a wide variety of functions - including intraoperative consultation or frozen section, presenting cases at tumor boards or other conferences, doing procedures, or assessing the adequacy from image guided biopsies. This is done in a wide variety of practice settings. Many times, it's done over a very large geographical area where the physical presence of a pathologist may be impractical or highly inconvenient.

We’re talking about the unique challenges and pain points pathologists face in the large hospital system covering a large geography. How can digital pathology help alleviate some of these challenges? What are specific applications that, if implemented, would give us immediate benefit? How can digital pathology make pathologists more productive - particularly in areas not strictly related to primary diagnostic activity?

More About Hannah Gilmore

Hannah Gilmore, MD - Division Chief, Anatomic Pathology, Director of Breast Pathology , University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, OH

Dr. Gilmore is a board-certified anatomic pathologist specializing in breast pathology at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Associate Professor of Pathology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Gilmore has published widely on the pathogenesis of breast tumors and the identification of their diagnostic, predictive and prognostic markers. As the Division Chief of Anatomic Pathology, she made innovative changes to the practice of the discipline with emphasis on subspecialization, multidisciplinary care, molecular diagnostics and digital pathology. She is the College of American Pathologists representative to the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers where she is Vice Chair of the Standards and Accreditation Committee.