Season 2, Episode 20

Digital Imaging Begins in the Gross Room

This episode's guest:

Vikram Butani, KUBTEC

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guest is Vikram Butani of Kubtec.

In this digital transformation of pathology, much of the focus is of course on the imaging of histologic sections or glass slides, which were once viewed under the microscope. It's often easy to forget that the examination of the specimen begins much earlier in the process - in the gross room or even in the operating room.

Our guest is Vikram Butani, CEO and founder of Kubtec, whose passion is developing transformative specimen imaging, and specimen radiography systems that enable medical professionals to provide the best quality of care for their patients.

Kubtec has developed range of advanced specimen radiography systems provide high resolution specimen X-ray for the biopsy suite, the operating room, the pathology gross room and the morgue. In addition, KUBTEC Specimen Radiography Systems include proprietary workflow management tools to help reduce turnaround time and labor costs.

We're going to be talking about the history of Kubtec from humble beginnings, what the digital transformation of radiology has meant for imaging in other parts of the hospital - specifically the pathology gross room and the OR. We discuss the critical role of the pathologist’s assistant in the diagnostic process, the value of specimen imaging and how it can impact cost, time and efficiency. And finally, what does the future hold? and how will 3D imaging enhance what we do and ultimately bring better care to patients?

More About Vikram Butani, CEO, KUBTEC

Vikram Butani



Vikram Butani is the CEO of KUBTEC, a technology company that is challenging the status quo within medical imaging. Vikram has made it his mission to provide patient centric solutions for those within the Operating Room & Gross Room with proprietary award-winning technologies, such as 3D breast specimen tomosynthesis; advanced, high-resolution specimen X-ray imaging; and intelligent workflow management features.

Within the Gross Room, Vikram and KUBTEC have been able to assist the Pathologist’s Assistants challenge of reducing turnaround time while maintaining accuracy by developing the patented Image Blender™, the only tool that allows the Pathologist’s Assistant to combine X-ray images and optical images, enabling them to process their patient’s gross specimens faster and with greater accuracy.