Season 2, Episode 22

What Have We Been Waiting For?

This episode's guest:

Richard H. Lash, MD, Lumea

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guest is Richard H. Lash, MD, CMO Lumea.

What have we been waiting for? What's taking so long? Much of the technology surrounding digital pathology has been with us for over 20 years. After fits and starts and initial excitement we've been left with disappointment in the past ten years. But now, it seems like the tide is turning and the digital transformation is here.

Our guest is Richard lash, MD, Chief Medical Officer from Lumea, a company re-imagining pathology by developing a comprehensive end to end workflow. Dr. Lash has had a long career as a pathologist as well as holding leadership positions in addition to Lumea at several prominent organizations including Inform Diagnostics, Ameripath and Mount Sinai Medical Center.

We're going to be talking about how the lack of a cohesive business for digital pathology, lack of a vision to integrate exciting new technologies into everyday workflows has hindered the adoption of digital pathology; what has changed and why now with compelling new technologies including artificial intelligence, we can finally begin to develop and incorporate end to end solutions that can enhance pathologist performance and improve outcomes for doctors and patients.

More About Richard H. Lash, MD

Richard H. Lash, MD,



Dr. Lash has extensive diagnostic experience in both academic and commercial environments, and has led the development of molecular diagnostics, clinical research, and biotechnology in several large organizations. Dr. Lash is taking on this role at LUMEA in addition to his current work as president of a medical consulting company in Texas and as Associate Clinical Professor of Pathology at UT-Southwestern Medical Center.

Previously, Dr. Lash was the CMO and EVP of Operations at Inform Diagnostics, formerly Caris Life Sciences, the largest independent anatomic pathology provider in the United States. He earned his medical degree from the University of Michigan and completed his residency in anatomic/clinical pathology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he served as chief resident. He completed his fellowship in surgical pathology with subspecialty training in GI pathology. Dr. Lash has 84 research publications in major journals with over 1,300 citations and has written 6 book chapters. His research interests and experience will be an important driving factor in new product development and technology commercialization.