Season 2, Episode 7

Deploying AI-Powered Image Analysis in Drug Development

This episode's guests:

Jonathan Daniels & Ori Zelichov

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guests are Jonathan Daniels Vice President of Sales, US & Ori Zelichov, MD, Medical Director for Nucleai

There is so much rich information imbedded in the histologic and molecular features of tissue sections which can be extracted through digital pathology. We seem to be at the convergence of AI-powered image analysis and precision medicine.

Nucleai is committed to bringing the power of spatial biology to reality by providing pharmaceutical companies and clinicians with AI- powered image analysis applications.

We're going to be talking about the promise of digital pathology and image analysis and how these technologies can be leveraged in drug discovery and ultimately patient care. What does the future hold and how a higher throughput of patient biopsies through a digital pathology system will result in a new age of information and discovery analogous to the revolution we have seen in sequencing the human genome. We will also talk about the rich ecosystem in med-tech in Israel and what makes Nucleai unique in its makeup and approach.


More About Jonathan Daniels, VP of Sales, Nucleai

Jonathan Daniels joined Nucleai as VP of Sales in 2020. Jonathan has 10 years of experience working across the precision medicine industry in strategy, sales, and operations roles. At Nucleai, Jonathan is responsible for leading collaborations with Biopharma, CROs and other industry partners. Prior to Nucleai, Jonathan served as Director of Strategy and Operations at Tempus, responsible for building, scaling and operationalizing different business units across the company, most notably the commercialization of Tempus real-world multi-omics data. Jonathan began his career as a Healthcare Investment Banker at the Royal Bank of Canada, supporting mergers, acquisitions and financings for biopharma and healthcare technology companies.

More About Ori Zelichov M.D., Medical Director, Nucleai

Ori Zelichov M.D. is the Medical Director of Nucleai, a startup company developing image analysis technologies for precision oncology. Dr. Zelichov leads the medical strategy and clinical development for the company.

Prior to joining Nucleai, he was the Medical Director for Novellus, where he led to the development of a novel targeted treatment for cancer, now being tested in clinical trials.

Before medical school, he served for 4 years at the Israeli NSA (Unit 8200) as a graduate of the elite ‘Haman Talpiot’ leadership project.

Dr. Zelichov received his M.D from Ben Gurion University, completed his internship at Tel Aviv Medical Center, and graduated from the healthcare innovation program of MIT and Harvard Medical School.