Season 2, Episode 9

Enabling Immune-oncology

This episode's guest:

Katir Patel, PhD

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guest is Katir Patel, PhD

Immunotherapy and immune-oncology have become such hot areas of exploration in the past few years. We're going to explore the forces which have coalesced to make this a reality.

Our guest is doctor Katir Patel, PhD a scientist with a keen interest in immunotherapy and diagnostics. We're going to be exploring the role of digital pathology in immune-oncology. How will we use the tools in our arsenal, such as image analysis, multiplexing, artificial intelligence and even good old-fashioned H&E sections to bring pathology to the forefront of immune-oncology.


More About Katir Patel, PhD

Katir Patel, PhD

A classically trained immunology and immuno-oncology specialist with a professional focus on multi-omic approaches to biomarker strategies and diagnostic development. Experience supporting translational research to late-stage clinical trials involving immunotherapies and cancer diagnostics. Current focus includes biomarker strategy and CDx development for translational and clinical research initiatives for large-scale biopharma projects across multiple technology platforms and indications/therapies. Responsibilities include identification of key biomarker signatures, assay development, validation, and clinical trial deployment