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Digital Pathology Today™ is your podcast all about the world of digital pathology. Each week, we talk with industry leaders, key academics, top pathologists and more to discover the past, present and future of digital pathology. Join us every week for another look at Digital Pathology Today™.

Hosted by pathologist Dr. Joseph Anderson.

Our Current Episode

Episode 28 - Connecting the Dots

This episode we are talking with Dr. Anil Parwani, Professor of Pathology, The Ohio State University and newly elected President of the Digital Pathology Association (DPA).

We will talk about some of the ways to increase adoption and possible use cases for digital pathology.   We will examine how algorithms and AI tools might help and what will be the role of pathologists if these algorithms work as promised.  We will also look at some of the barriers to adoption including interoperability and storage.

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