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Hosted by pathologist Dr. Joseph Anderson.

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Season 2, Episode 6

Open the Floodgates

Our guests are Colin White, PhD, Global VP - Advanced Staining & Imaging at Leica Biosystems & Frank Gannon MD, Professor of Pathology at Baylor College of Medicine.

The technology in digital pathology has been with us for some time. It now, though, seems we've hit an inflection point and things are accelerating. Perhaps we are even in the perfect storm. There seems to be a certain sense of inevitability and it may be time to open the floodgates and release the promise of digital pathology.

Colin White is an IVD industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in conceiving, developing and commercializing systems that advance the practice of pathology. Colin’s passion is innovation and motivating teams to develop solutions that advance patient care whilst also meeting the needs of healthcare providers and regulating bodies.

Dr. Gannon has over 25 years’ experience as a practicing pathologist with subspecialty expertise in Orthopedic Pathology. Prior to joining Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas, he spent 8 years at the Armed Forces Institute of pathology in Orthopedic Pathology, 2 years as chair of the department. Dr. Gannon is co-author on an Orthopedic Pathology book, numerous book chapters, and over 110 publications in peer reviewed journals.

We’re going to be talking about the value proposition of digital pathology. What are the challenges to implementation? What’s been holding us back and are these barriers beginning to crumble? What does digital pathology mean for patient involvement?

And we're going to be talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning, remote sign out, remote case sharing and what going digital means in terms of workflows for the typical pathology department.

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