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Current Episode

Season 2, Episode 31

Opportunities in Digital and Computational Pathology

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guests is Beatrice Knudsen, MD, PhD, Medical Director of Digital and Computational Pathology at ARUP Laboratories, as well as Professor of Pathology at the University of Utah

The digital transformation in pathology is well underway but what kind of opportunities does this present to us? We've heard all the buzz words such as machine learning artificial intelligence and heard all the hype about enhanced workflows and making pathologists’ lives easier. What is the future practice of pathology going to look like?

Dr. Beatrice Knudsen has built a program that integrates histopathology, multiplex tissue staining, digital image analysis, as well as computational pathology. She is applying this approach to close the gap between laboratory research and clinical care and to develop novel algorithms for diagnosis, prognosis and the treatment of patients.

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