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Current Episode

Season 3, Episode 14

Digital Pathology in the Cloud

This episode of Digital Pathology Today™ our guest is Alan Lorimer Co-Founder and CEO of Sciento.  

Moving digital pathology to the cloud.  We're talking about cloud computing the features and components of the cloud and how it differs from on premise computing. What are the barriers and overlooked considerations in moving your operations to the cloud? What is the truth about storage costs in 2024? Is it still a concern or have the gains been eaten away by the increasingly large amounts of data we continue to generate? 

How can cloud computing unlock exciting new applications at a lower cost for organizations?   And finally we discuss regulatory considerations for the cloud from the perspective of the FDA EU, GDPR and GCP in developing new drugs and diagnostics.

Alan Lorimer, started his professional journey as an electronics engineer at the BBC. Over his 40-year career, he's founded or led four successful businesses. Notably, he drove an IT hosting company to a successful exit in 2011. He then specialized in IT due diligence for around 60  European companies going through some kind of transaction, sharpening his analytical prowess. 

In 2016, Alan pivoted to digital pathology, creating the innovative QDPconnect with OracleBio, leading to the launch of Sciento Technology. Alan's journey from the BBC to cloud computing exemplifies his relentless drive for tech innovation and industry impact.

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